Spot weld sealant

Spot weld sealant is one component synthetic rubber based material, which can be used to fill a gap at spot welding parts for rust prevention and water leak. It is used to a joint area, where is difficult to apply paint sealer. It is designed non corrosive formula because normally it is used with spot welding. This adhesive is applied at weld shop and cured at paint oven with considering following properties.

  • Anti wash out resistance before curing.
  • Adhesion to oily steel panel
  • Rust prevent formula
  • Spot weldable formula
  Characteristics Curing schedule
Penguin Cement
Synthetic rubber based expandable type. Excellent bonding strength, rust prevention property. 150 C for 20 min
~ 220C for 30min
Penguin Seal
Synthetic rubber based expandable type. 160C for 20min
~ 220C for 30min
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