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Weld bonding adhesive

Weld bond adhesive is used to weld boning application, which is a combination of spot welding and adhesive bonding. Benefit of this method are rigidity increase, improving fatigue property. Weld bonding adhesive is normally applied to one sheet and the joint closed. A spot weld is then made through the adhesive. The electrode force displaces the adhesive to obtain electrical contact between the sheets and a weld is made in the normal way. The adhesive is finally cured at a paint oven to complete the assembly.

Weld bonding adhesive Is based on one component epoxy. It is provided tough physical property, great adhesion strength, long term durability.

Dynamic impact test

Spot welding only Spot welding with #1081LM Spot welding with RD-12968


  Characteristics Curing schedule Shear
Penguin Cement
Standard grade for weld bonding application. Excellent bonding strength, rust prevention property 150 C for 20 min
~ 220C for 30min
24MPa 150N/25mm
Penguin Cement
Designed for aluminum bonding. Excellent bonding strength and rust prevention. 160C for 20min
~ 220C for 30min
24MPa 180N/25mm
Penguin Cement
Designed for a crash durable adhesive. Excellent bonding strength and anti fatigue property. 160 C for 20 min
~ 220C for 30min
29MPa 280N/25mm
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