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USA Election For President Electoral College Pros and Cons

The Electoral college system long a source of controverts that came underneath mainly heavy grievance after the 2016 presidential election. When Republican Donald Trump lost the nationwide popular vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton. It’s over 2.8 million votes but received the Electoral college and thus the presidency by using seventy four electoral votes.

Electoral College

Electoral college pros and Cons


  • It gives the smaller states an similar right.
  • Prevents disputed results making sure a non violent transition of power.
  • Reduces the prices of countrywide presidential campaigns.


  • Can dismiss the desire of the majority.
  • Gives too few states an excessive amount of electoral power.
  • Reduces voter participation with the thought of growing that my vote doesn’t be matter feeling.

The Electoral College nature make it so confusing. While you vote for a presidential candidate, actually you vote for elector of your state. They have all “pledged” to vote for your candidate. Every state is allowed one elector for each of its Representatives and Senators in Congress. There are currently 538 electors and to be elected. A president candidate must get the votes of as a minimum 270 electors.

The Obsolescence Debate

The Electoral college proceed into set up by way of Article II of the USA constitution in 1788. The Founding Fathers chose it as a compromise between permitting Congress to choose the president and having the president elected immediately with the aid of the popular vote of the people. The Founders believed that most not unusual citizens of the day have been poorly knowledgeable and uninformed on political troubles. Consequently, they determined that using the “proxy” votes of the properly-informed electors might reduce the threat of “tyranny of most of the people,” and which the voices of the minority are drowned out by those of the loads. Additionally the Founders reasoned that the machine could Prevent states with large populations from having an unequal influence at the election.

Critics but argue that Founder’s reasoning is not applicable. As these days’s electorate are better educated and feature in reality. They get entry to information and to the candidates’ stances at the issues. While the Founders considered the electors as being “unfastened from any sinister bias” in 1788, electors these days are selected by means of the political events and are commonly “pledged” to vote for the party’s candidate irrespective of their very own beliefs.

Nowadays opinions on the future of the Electoral college variety from protecting it as the idea of yankee democracy. It absolutely as an useless and obsolete gadget that won’t appropriately replicate the will of the human beings.

Advantages of the Electoral College 

  • Promotes fair local representation. The Electoral college offers the small states an identical voice. If the president was elected by the popular vote by myself and applicants could mildew their systems to cater to the more populous states. Candidates could haven’t any desire to recollect as an instance and that the desires of farmers in Iowa or commercial fishermen in Maine.
  • Gives a clean-cut final results. Way to the Electoral college, presidential elections generally come to a clean and undisputed end. There may be no want for wildly luxurious nationwide vote recounts. If a country has widespread vote casting irregularities. That state alone can do a recount. Similarly, the fact that a candidate have to gain the support of voters in numerous one-of-a-kind geographic regions promotes the country wide cohesion had to make sure a peaceful transfer of electricity.
  • Makes campaigns less pricey. Applicants rarely spend tons time—or money—campaigning in states that historically vote for his or her party’s candidates. For example, Democrats hardly ever marketing campaign in liberal-leaning California. Simply as Republicans generally tend to bypass the extra conservative Texas. Abolishing the Electoral college should make america’s many campaign financing issues even worse. 

Disadvantages of the Electoral College

  •  Can override the famous vote. In five presidential elections who won without wining the popular vote. So far—1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, and 2016—a candidate lost the nationwide famous vote however become elected president by way of prevailing the Electoral college vote. This capability to override the “will of most of the people” is frequently noted as the principle motive to abolish the Electoral college.
  • Gives the swing states too much strength: The desires and problems of electorate inside the 14 swing states.Those who have historically voted for both Republican and Democratic presidential applicants. That get a higher stage of attention than voters in different states. The candidates hardly ever go to the predictable non-swing states, like Texas or California. Citizens in the non-swing states will see fewer campaign commercials and be polled for his or her reviews less often voters in the swing states. As a end result the swing states, might not always represent the whole kingdom, preserve too much electoral strength.
  • Makes people feel their vote doesn’t count. Now not every vote “subjects.”. For example a Democrat’s vote in liberal-leaning California has a long way less impact on the election’s final final results. It would in one of the less predictable swing states like Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio. The resulting loss of hobby in non-swing states contributes to the USA historically low voter turnout charge.


Abolishing the Electoral college would require a constitutional change. A lengthy and frequently unsuccessful system. However, there are proposals to “reform” the Electoral college without abolishing it. One such motion, the country wide famous Vote plan might make certain that the winner of the popular vote could also win at the least enough Electoral college votes to be elected president. Every other movement is trying to convince states to break up their electoral vote based on the proportion of the country’s popular vote for each candidate. Disposing of the winner-take-all requirement of the Electoral college at the nation level might reduce the tendency for the swing states to dominate the electoral procedure.

Donald J trump

5 USA presidents who have won without the popular vote

Till 2020 there are five USA president who won without the popular vote. The popular vote means they did not acquire a plurality regarding the famous vote. They were elected by the Electoral College or after a tie in the electoral votes by the House of Representative.

The List Of five USA Presidents Elected Without Winning the Popular Vote

Donald J Trump

Donald J. Trump

Who lost by 2.9 million votes to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Trump received 304 electoral votes and Clinton received 227 electoral votes.

George W. Bush

He lost by 543,816 votes to Al Gore in the 2000 election.

Benjamin Harrison

Who misplaced by using 95,713 votes to Grover Cleveland in 1888.

Rutherford B. Hayes

He misplaced by way of 264,292 votes to Samuel J. Tilden in 1876.

John Quincy Adams

Who misplaced by way of 44,804 votes to Andrew Jackson in 1824. he was elected by the House of Representative.

Popular Vote And Electoral Vote

Election for president in usa isn’t a contest of popular vote. Constitution of the USA configured the process because of the House of Representatives. Only they elected from popular vote. Country legislatures were only select the Senators. In 1913, 17th modification to the Constitution was ratified. As the election of Senators to occur through the popular vote.

The Electoral College vote select the president. The Electoral College is made up of representatives. Representatives are selected by the political parties. At their state conventions representatives are selected. Most states follow a “winner-take-all” principle of electoral votes. But not Nebraska and Maine states. Whichever party’s candidate wins a state’s popular vote for the presidency will win all of that state’s electoral votes.

The minimum electoral votes a nation will have is 3, the sum of a state’s senators plus representatives. California has the most, with fifty five. The Twenty-1/3 change gave the District of Columbia 3 electoral votes. It has neither senators nor representatives in Congress.

Considering the fact that states vary in populace and plenty of famous votes. For exclusive applicants may be quite near within an man or woman state. It makes sense that a candidate might win the popular vote throughout the complete united states but now not win within the Electoral college.


USA Election for president is different then other countries in the world. They have a special way of selection of their president. Popular vote is for house of Representative. Electoral College Vote system is only for the president election.

What is Chat Bot

What is Chat bot ?

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What is Chat Bot
Chat Bot

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