What is black friday ? When is black friday ?

What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday | When is Black Friday
What is Black Friday | When is Black Friday

After Thanks giving, the day Friday is known as Black Friday.
This is to be unofficially or officially the start of holiday shopping season.
Almost all stores come out with Doorbuster Sales with the early bird special to attract consumers to their shop.
Before the stores are opened People stand in line hours,to grab the bargains of the year.
we saw past few year a trend towards bringing those Black Friday Sales online before Friday In last few years.
No more a one-day event Black Friday is.
Now  Sales of Black Friday have started.
 Way before Friday-with some stores starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving day &
some even starting on Wednesday and Monday In last few years (starting from 2013 to be precise).
Black Friday sale starting on Monday on the Black Friday week
it would not be surprising to see . 
Revenue-wise Black Friday is NOT the biggest day for stores as a result,. 
Thanks giving day, Green Monday and Cyber Monday now include as Biggest sales day .

Why it is called Black Friday?

Let’s take a Black Friday history lesson:
the first known mention of Black Friday related to this shopping experience was in November 1951,
when the journal Factory Management and Maintenance used
it to describe people calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving so they could have an extra day off work.

At the same time.
  Police of US were using the phrases “Black Friday” and “Black Saturday” to describe
the horrendous traffic that occurred at the beginning of the pre-Christmas shopping season.
In 1961.
 To change the shopping season to “Big Friday” and “Big Saturday” there was a movement
from the local government but it clearly never caught on.

When is Black Friday 2019? 

 November 29, 2019 is the Black Friday date.
It's closer to Christmas (less than a month before Christmas Day), and that gives you less time to shop online.

That may not seem like a big deal today,
but you'll have to factor in waiting on the best deals,
pouncing on the lowest price, and factoring shipping wait times.

As we've highlighted, Black Friday weekend isn't just a four-day affair,
and deals don't necessarily follow the normal pattern of prime products to be unleashed -
you can see new TV deals in the small hours of the morning or a brilliant wearable price slash
just after the Thanksgiving turkey is prepped,
so shoppers need to be more flexible than ever.

When is Black Friday?

Answer - Friday, November 29th, 2019